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Expertise & Projects

A unique offering by the Providential Asset Management Company; our goal lies in providing the best in class solutions to formation of tactical capital and solutions

We bring a global range of partnerships, capital and an innovative bespoke module of accessing our investor base



The key and critical ingredient to the development of assets spanning Infrastructure, Industry, Hospitality or Real Estate; Land Assets formulate a critical path of management. With our AMC modules, we are able to provide Land Owners with a wide range of solutions to creating a bankable and commercial structure formulate strong cash flow potential to illiquid assets. Spanning joint ventures, structured integrations to large land tracts, dematerialisation and placements; structured monetisations of land assets; Providential offers a unique and tailor made solution base to enhance and offer underlying land assets to institutional investment strategies



Major infrastructure assets, developers, concessionaires and Governments are constantly on the look out for alternative capital being Greenfield, brownfield or repackaging. Our infrastructure partnerships and in-house development modules in tandem with our existing Investor base makes us one of the world's pioneering Institutions to deliver state of the art solutions in developing or managing infrastructure assets, portfolios. 



Similar to Infrastructure assets; Industrial development and growth also needs tactical capital solutions alongside stringent modules of establishment and long term management. Providential AMC provides unique bespoke solutions to manage assets for the development or capitalisation of industrial assets worldwide

Luxury Hospitality 


As part of one of our core activities; Providential AMC offers bespoke solutions for hospitality assets that range Hotels to Yachts & Private Jets. Our solution base extends and transcends capital into integrations of management, operations for risk management for our Institutional Investor Base

Mergers & Acquisitions


Providential AMC offers state of the art management & in-house infrastructure to deliver and manage sophisticated mergers & acquisitions. Using a wide variety of products and financial instruments; the AMC is designed to deliver or integrate solutions for both organic & in-organic growth modules



As part of our Infrastructure purview; Power & Energy is a core base of the providential AMC that offers a resilient product network to deliver credit enhanced and risk managed asset backed securities deriving from underlying assets and portfolios in the power generation, transmission & distribution and energy assets worldwide

Government Projects


Working closely with global Sovereign bodies, treasuries and State owned development and PPP bodies; Providential AMC offers bespoke investment solutions to Sovereign and Government Bodies worldwide



Providential AMC is established primarily as the in-house fiduciary infrastructure providing solutions from Banking, Custody, Execution, Dematerialisation, Debt & Equity Issuance and Management, Synthetic REITs, INVITs. Providential AMC provides a full range of regulated services in providing solutions for asset backed securities and other derivatives to create and manage an umbrella debt capital market purview. Instrumentation to private placement; Providential AMC is a one stop shop for a wide range of products & investment strategies. Our issuances, listed on Swiss Six, Vienna MTF and other leading markets; the AMC provides its Assets under management with a wide access to debt and equity capital with our institutional base of investors. While our critical path lies in underwriting and credit risk integrations; Providential AMC is designed for in-house solutions all under one umbrella



Providential AMC owns and operates its white label umbrellas to create and manage regulated funds and investment./acquisiton vehicles for our parent Investment house. our solutions are designed to offer our Institutional investors with both regulatory purview alongside stringent risk management structures integrated to ensure well defined risk investment purviews. Our funds are structured from Switzerland, Luxembourg, Geneva & Lichtenstein

Current In-House Projects

Wind Energy 

Driven by our parent owned holding subsidiary; Emmar Power Generation Company, Luxembourg; EMMAR WINDGEN 1 - INDIA

Solar Utility Scale

Driven by our parent owned holding subsidiary Emmar Power Generation Company, Luxembourg; EMMAR SOLARGEN 1 - INDIA

Developer IPP Acquisition

Driven under our Acquisitions purview; a JV Corporation under EU & SEA norms as part of our Inorganic Growth module. The Acquisition is designed to grow our Holding Subsidiary EMMAR POWER GENERATION COMPANY, Luxembourg

AMC Banking 

We are currently in the process of negotiating to acquire a leading mid-size banking institution as part of our expansion module under our Providential AMC Purview

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