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Meet Providential Asset Management Company

Providential AMC is a full purview asset management company owned and operated under the PROVIDENTIAL banner. Established to cater both specific needs of the in-house infrastructure needs as well as external compliance and regulatory framework management

Providential AMC is a subsidiary venture under the Providential Umbrella Banner. Promoted as an independent venture; Providential AMC is a full purview asset management company domiciled in Zug, Switzerland

Providential Corporate

Founded and promoted under the PROVIDENTIAL umbrella as a specialised vertically integrated entity with an Institutional structure of regulation and financial management modules incorporated to provide state of the art infrastructure for fiduciary and asset management solutions across a wide spectrum of markets. Institutional execution and management for both Sell & Buy Side markets; the AMC is a integral cog of the machinery that supports our Promoters' vision, expansions and businesses worldwide

Our Story

Providential People

We value the risk management requirements of our Investor base alongside the critical capital formation requirements of our Sell Side clientele. Our optimisations are based on multiple factors that cater to underwriting, credit risk management, credit enhancements [where necessary], joint venture establishments to creating bankable end use of funds, structured custody and executions which allows for demat structures to be incorporated with underlying assets or portfolios, structured hybrid issuances and management all of which define complex and tactical investment strategies adopted by both Private and Government Institutional Development criteria. 

What We Value

Providential Global Expansions

Managed under our regulated institutional services; Custody & Execution marks an important bridge to managing assets both physical & dematerialised. The fiduciary module provides with structured asset holding and private placement opportunities, reporting & audit, taxation purviews all defined under a single umbrella of management

Custody & Execution


Owing to our regulated framework of administration, management, issuance & placement with our qualified funds and white label structures providing alternative capital formation modules; the key structure available to both investors and sell side clients alike is the full extent of transparency on the deals, assets & portfolios that formulate and provide the requisite derivative modules for investments and returns on investments



Expansive reach to alternative structures of raising debt or equity partnerships, underwriting that provides Investors with clear risk transfer structures and mechanisms, synthetic & retail opportunities that are defined through our qualified compartments ranging Switzerland, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein offer both innovative risk factoring and management to both Sell & Buy side structures. 

Growth & Innovation 


Multi Jurisdiction Regulatory frameworks with the AMC regulatory in Switzerland and Fund regulatory spread across Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Geneva; Providential AMC offers a flexible module to cater a variety of requirements 



Unlike typical retail fund structures; the Funds issued and managed under our white label umbrella modules are based on structured debt issuances and management of underlying portfolios with a multi-strategy outlook spanning both debt and hybrid return potential to our Institutional Investors. Subscribing to specific asset portfolios and mergers; our Investors are provided with strong risk management schedules and regulated infrastructure



The AMC ideology is to provide a strong host environment to both buy & sell side markets. The AMC is a bridge of access to the Investors and Developers alike



Providential Urban

The Emmar Connection

Providential AMC provides full service Asset Management Solutions to the fully owned Business Venture Brand EMMAR by the Holding Umbrella Bodies. The Providential AMC module is designed to providing structured investment compartments to developments, mergers & acquisitions structured and managed under the umbrella business brand of Emmar owned by the Promoters

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