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Established in 1976, Emmar is a pioneer in introducing European Tech to the Industrial Growth Era of the 70s in India, Africa and select parts of SE Asia. With over 400 turnkey establishment of capital assets in the markets of Railways, Defence, Steel, Power, Energy and Capital Goods; the Company is one of the oldest integration companies in India and with the advent of the new Providential Banner as the global holding; Emmar; is now developed as a global solutions and products company catering a worldwide approach to establishing Traditional Capital Assets designed for fixed income potential.

A UK domiciled entity managed under the Providential AMC banner; Emmar Providential provides a range of capital formation solutions for the feed to anchor and asset development modules driven under the Emmar Banner of activities owned by Providential. Emmar Providential's modules are developed to providing structured capital formatives for both the open markets and our in-house requirements. EPCM is not a regulated entity but works in a system that deals with Alternative Instruments and Collaterals

Emmar Providential Capital Markets

A venture issued by the Emmar Capital Corporation to provide a wide range of solutions and products that are in-line with developing and managing capital assets or solutions for buy-sell of capital goods and products/traditional commodities; RIEN FCA is a Pre Development and Project Management module working in tandem with globally renowned corporations to integrate all necessary critical path elements in achieving the asset value to development stage. RIEN hosts two arms; one in India which provides all the solutions base and is a subsidiary of its Parent; RIEN UK which delivers a more macro level solution employing both RIEN India and other third party covenants to establish the contractual obligations. 


A specialised Investment and Asset Development Corporation that is focused on developing traditional assets in the fields of Infrastructure and Luxury Hospitality; driven through two sub-holding modules specialised in developing assets from the ground up alongside strategic acquisitions and mergers to enhancing the asset net to the ultimate beneficiary asset books. 

Emmar Research Company 

Emmar Capital Corporation

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Our Story

Emmar Capital Corporation is a Delaware Company with a design built to cater alternative capital formatives for both the open market requirements as well as in-house capital formatives that are focused on growth, anchor and strategic private equity positions. The ECC operates through a range of underlying subsidiaries and also provides a wide range of services through its sub offices to the in-house requirements in solutions management

Emmar Research Company 

A core focused Asset Development & Management Company for our portfolio construct structure on Power Generation and Transmission - Distribution, Energy Asset based derivative formatives. 

Emmar Infrastructure

A strategic real estate pre-development and development capital fund that is structured for an accelerated growth module within our Greenfield and brownfield strategies in traditional asset management.

Emmar Estates 

Restructured subsidiary based on the original flagship Emmar Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd., Emmar Integrations is established for turnkey machinery & plant supply for all our in-house and open market requirements in Urban Transportation, Steel, Power, Energy. 

Emmar Integrations
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