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Providential Global

Reshaping the Future of Sustainable Capital Solutions

To structure manage & provide a strong bridge between the sell & buy side requirements


Providential AMC is committed to providing bespoke sophisticated solutions to our Clients' need in creating capital and revenue for their asset base and ideologies

Providential Switzerland
Providential Global Infrastructures

The AMC deals with a wide range of assets, both physical and dematerialised. Our base structure is to help creating bankable modules for our existing institutional base of investors worldwide. The AMC is designed to providing tailor made solutions for both liquid & illiquid assets with a diverse derivative market potential.

Our Focus Areas


Structured solutions for both liquid and illiquid assets, portfolios; our real estate solutions under an AMC contract allows us to bring together strategic global investors and collaborative development and management partners to assist in the generation and operations of revenue systems

Real Estate


With a range of institutional investment partners and globally leading underwriters; our AMC contracts are designed to manage and create structured liquidity for existing or Greenfield energy projects worldwide



Our primary core area; our AMC contracts are designed to creating tactical capital solutions for Power Generation Assets and Transition , Distribution assets worldwide. 

Power Generation 


We Plan, We Integrate,
We Deliver


Our unique business model and our global networks allow us to work with the world's best in class concessionaires, developers, investors and structured bespoke solution providers and underwriters to creating state of the art asset portfolios in a multi strategy market approach

What We Provide 

Our AMC is designed to help create dematerliased securities with underlying assets/portfolios alongside our in-house collaborative underwriting structures that allow us to help privately place a wide range of asset and market requirements globally

Access To Institutional Structured Debt


With a wide range of existing capital market partners; our AMC hosts full in-house capacities to deliver strong risk management & transfer mechanisms and products to help creating well defined risk managed structured securities to ur Institutional Investor Base. The product designs and placements allow for enhancing the credit status of the issuances alongside a strong credit risk management to our Investors worldwide

Underwriting and Enhancements


As part of a development and management Initiative; our AMC is structured to launch and manage a range of joint venture possibilities through our in-house development entities and partnerships in Power, Energy, Industrial and Real Estate

Integrated Ventures


Our AMC hosts full purview to issue and manage a wide range of securitised issuances for private placement with in-house capacities to issue, list and manage the placements of such issuances with a diverse derivative range we deliver on

Securitised Issuances


In-house full scale purview of banking and fiduciary services ranging custody, execution, credit enhancements, asset management through underlying white label regulated funds and other investment/acquisition vehicles

Bespoke Fiduciary


Latest Projects

Providential Emmar Real Estate

Real Estate


Emmar Power Generation



Emmar Luxury Assets





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